Ethics and Integrity: i-IVY is led and managed by true Ivy Leaguers and former Fortune 100 executives. As such we uphold the strictest standards of ethics, integrity, and responsibility. We do not misrepresent ourselves, our credentials or our services. As mentors and educators, we instill these same values in our students.

Unparalleled Personal Attention: At i-IVY our clients know exactly who their advisor is. From day one, students are paired with one of our admissions experts, who will work with them on a one-on-one basis throughout the duration of their program. Our students do not rotate around a group of third-party consultants nor are they placed in group classes. Over time, our clients have come to view us as trusted confidants and close friends, whom they can approach with any question or concern.

Selective Process: To ensure unparalleled personal attention, we are very selective about the students that we work with. We are do not operate on a volume basis and do not take every student who comes to i-Ivy. We place a greater emphasis on providing exceptional service than on the quantity of students. We only select students who share our vision and ethics and with whom we can make a meaningful difference.

First-Hand Ivy League Admissions Experience: Ellie Yang has worked for The Wharton School’s (University of Pennsylvania) Office of Admissions and also served as co-Chair of University of Pennsylvania’s Secondary School Committee in Vietnam where she has interviewed over 100 high school students for University of Pennsylvania’s admissions. These experiences have given her a first-hand understanding of Ivy League admissions process and unique insights that allow her students to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive applicant pool.

Blue Chip Corporate Experience: Both Ellie Yang and Tony Diep have worked at some of the most prestigious companies in the world, such as Salomon Brothers (now part of Citigroup), GE Capital, Accenture, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Their time at these firms has instilled a tireless work-ethic and the highest standards of professionalism in them. Moreover, they possess a first-hand understanding of how fit in the selection of a university and how these choices can impact a student’s opportunities and career path after graduation. International Perspective: Our admissions expert Ellie Yang was a former international student. Ellie was born in Taiwan, raised in Costa Rica, and educated and trained in the U.S. She understands the challenges that international students undergo in their transition to the U.S.

Holistic Methodology: Our experts have developed a flexible and holistic methodology that addresses all aspect of the college application process. We do not focus on particular academic, social, or personal factors. Instead, we look at all these factors and work with our students to help them convey an accurate, complete, and compelling portrait of themselves.

Proven Track Record: Over the past 5 years, our experts have worked with students of different social, cultural, and personal backgrounds. Under our guidance, our mentees have gained acceptance to all 8 Ivy League universities and other highly selective institutions in the U.S.

To learn more about i-IVY email us at or call us at 093-516-4000.