Head start 2


The path to college is a 4-year journey that begins in grade 9 and culminates in grade 12. American universities assess a student’s intellectual and personal development during this period.

i-IVY’s Head-Start programs provide the best planning for college, as students have the option of joining a program any time in grades 9 and 10. This early preparation empowers them to take full advantage of challenging opportunities. It also allows them to identify and resolve any academic or personal issues that may hinder their acceptance to a top-choice university

Our clients are paired with an i-IVY executive who will provide them with support, motivation, and guidance for the following areas:
    1) Individualized and Targeted Academic Enrichment Programs
    2) Personal Development Projects
    3) Early College Admissions Counseling
    4) Assessment of Milestones and Objectives
    5) Application and Positioning Strategies
    6) Post-application follow-up

To learn more about our Head-Start Programs, please send us an email at contact@i-ivy.com or call us at 093-516-4000 to schedule a meeting.