i-IVY is Vietnam’s premier college admissions consulting company.

Our counselors graduated from Ivy League and comparable elite universities in the U.S. We also possess firsthand Ivy League admissions and Fortune 100 corporate experience.

By adhering to the highest ethical standards, we take a holistic individualized approach in helping our students navigate the complex American college application process.

Because college is only the first step in their careers, we ensure our students select the university that represents the best fit, empowering them to maximize their intellectual and personal potential. Our former students have not only gained acceptance to America’s most selective higher-learning institutions, but continue to succeed after graduation.

Each of our counselors works with a very small group of students every year to provide them with the best personalized advice that will help them differentiate themselves in a highly competitive candidate pool.

To learn more about i-IVY email us at contact@i-ivy.com or call us at 093-516-4000.

Our personal attention and tailored services empower our clients with a distinct competitive edge that allows them to differentiate themselves from other equally qualified applicants.

We compel our students to represent and portray themselves in an honest and accurate manner as they embark on their journey to college. 

We motivate our students by setting them on a path of inquiry and self-discovery that will allow them to make a difference in their community. 

The “ i “ in “intellect” is nurtured, cultivated, and uplifted. Through hard work, dedication, diligence, inquiry, and originality, i-IVY unleashes each client’s true intellectual potential.

We encourage our students to think creatively and evaluate every challenge and situation from multiple perspectives.