Long-Term Programs offer comprehensive, individually tailored counseling on the entire admissions process and provide a holistic view of each student. Clients may begin long-term programs any time between the first semester of grade 11 and the first semester of grade 12.

Students enrolled in long-term programs work one-on-one with an i-IVY executive. During our commitment period we develop a customized strategic game plan that addresses the following aspects of the college application process:
  1) Academic and Extracurricular Strategies (for students in grade 11 only)
  2) College Search and Research Strategies
  3) Application and Positioning Strategies
  4) Feedback on the list of teachers who will provide letters of recommendation (*)
  5) Detailed explanation of the Common Application and its components
  6) Identification of relevant supplemental materials
  7) Brainstorming, reviews, and feedback on all drafts of the personal essay and supplemental questions and essays required by different schools
  8) Reviews and feedback on all required financial documents
  9) Mock interviews to help the student prepare for alumni, phone, or on-campus interviews
  10) Post-application follow-up

(*): i-IVY helps students identify the teachers and mentors who know them best and who have seen them grow during their high school career. The objective is to provide teachers with the opportunity to voice their opinions and thoughts freely. We encourage students to trust their educators and waive their right to read the letters of recommendation. Under no circumstances should students write their own letters of reference.

To learn more about our Long-Term Programs, contact us at 093-516-4000 or contact@i-ivy.com to schedule a meeting with our team.